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Amiga & AROS Crisot has made available a new demonstration video (xvid avi mirror1|mirror2 MPEG1 mirror1|mirror2) showing the AmigaOS4-beta implementation of the unique AmigaOS feature, screen dragging. For recent user screenshots of the AmigaOS4 pre-release look here.
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RE: still necessary
by henrikmk on Mon 22nd Aug 2005 11:44 UTC in reply to "still necessary"
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But nowadays, graphics chips do 1600x1200 at full color depth easily. In a good windowing system, each window can work in its own color space. Where's the need for separating things on screen when we can have them more flexible in windows by now?

But would you want 100 windows on your Workbench?

Screens are meant for separating things to give you a clean sheet to work with, like virtual desktops, except that you can intermix your screens, see multiple screens simultaneously in full detail in real time, sort them as you like, you can drag/drop between screens and switch between them, literally so damn fast, the monitor can't keep up.
It's nice, if you want to do some file-management, press Amiga-M and in 1/50th of a second, you're looking at your fullscreen text editor or paint program.

Mike talks about MacOS, but fullscreen games are just as relevant. Try pausing a game in WindowsXP and return to Windows. Does it always work without crashing something? How long does it take? Can you switch back again without crashing something? With AmigaOS, switching display layer is a standard feature and always instant.

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