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KDE "Focusing again on applications this week, specifically I'll look at two of the promising document viewers for KDE 4, Okular and Ligature. They are two of the rising stars of KDE 4, but they both have their roots as KDE 3 applications that have grown up."
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RE[2]: KDE4 goals?
by MightyPenguin on Thu 15th Feb 2007 17:56 UTC in reply to "RE: KDE4 goals?"
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"Lost in the middle of Jem's recent SCALE piece was a tidbit that according to some KDE project representatives, KDE4 is targeted primarily at highly technical users who demand cutting edge features. What does this mean? That KDE3 will be developed in parallel for non-technical users, or that KDE is ceding the mainstream desktop market to GNOME?"

I hope so, this way the retar^H^H^H^H^Haverage people can keep using gnome. Eventually the gnome interface will get to the place where there's a single button on the screen that says "Click Here" and a telepathy receiver figures out what the user wants to do and just does it.

Although I guess mice are way to complicated to use for the average user, so they'll eventually get rid of the button ;)

In the mean time I might use gnome if it was set up with a camera and you could control it using ape or dog posture communication.

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