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Linux "GoboLinux is a unique distribution in many ways. It's built from scratch following the Linux From Scratch procedure and uses custom boot scripts, personalized directory structure, and a simple yet comprehensive source-based dependency-resolving package management system. GoboLinux is perhaps best known for its alternate filesystem hierarchy. Unlike Linux's traditional Filesystem hierarchy, where a program has bits and pieces scattered in several places like /etc, /usr/bin, and /usr/share, each program gets its own directory tree under GoboLinux."
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RE: GoboLinux is great, but...
by Tom5 on Thu 15th Feb 2007 18:15 UTC in reply to "GoboLinux is great, but..."
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So I think what projects like AutoPackage and ZeroInstall really need if they want to take off is to start their own distros

I think both projects would count that as a failure. The aim is to be cross-distro, not create another one! We should be able to get packages that install to whatever the underlying system is. It's just good architecture.

I'd certainly like to see more interop between Gobo and Zero Install (time is just limited). Presumably you could use a Zero Install feed in place of a Gobo recipe without too much trouble.

Don't know if it would work the other way; do Gobo binaries contain hard-coded paths (like "/Program/Joe/3.1/")?

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