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Windows Shock and awe; Windows Vista has been released to the hounds (that would be us). As just about every publication has reiterated a thousand times over it took 5+ years of design and development and cost USD 5.5 billion both directly and indirectly. We were promised (maybe not even promised, but bullshitted) a revolutionary operating system and what we got is for you to determine for yourselves. I personally think it's a disappointment to say the least.
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RE[3]: Not worth much
by alexandru_lz on Thu 15th Feb 2007 19:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Not worth much"
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I agree. There are some fair points, but the style is a bit childish.

EDIT: Very childish :-D.

Also, I wouldnít want an operating system like OS X built on top of something like BeOS. afaik (and as far as Iíve seen), BeOS is really slow, but itís real time, which makes it feel very responsive. It also has a couple of limitations regarding the number of threads, tasks etc. which I canít remember exactly, but I think running an environment like OS Xís would kind of push its limits.

The other problem Iíve got is that graphics subsystems, desktops and ease of use have nothing to do with OS design.

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