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Linux "GoboLinux is a unique distribution in many ways. It's built from scratch following the Linux From Scratch procedure and uses custom boot scripts, personalized directory structure, and a simple yet comprehensive source-based dependency-resolving package management system. GoboLinux is perhaps best known for its alternate filesystem hierarchy. Unlike Linux's traditional Filesystem hierarchy, where a program has bits and pieces scattered in several places like /etc, /usr/bin, and /usr/share, each program gets its own directory tree under GoboLinux."
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RE[3]: GoboLinux is great, but...
by Priest on Thu 15th Feb 2007 22:29 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: GoboLinux is great, but..."
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One of the problems with package systems is that if I just extract an archive to a bunch of directories, the package manager has no database entry for it.

With Gobo, if I extract it to /programs/firefox, there is no need for the package manager to have a separate entry for it.

This means if I want to use apt, I can find the application when I am done.

If I want to also use AutoPackage or ZeroInstall along side apt, I still have a database of what is installed

The beauty of it is that you don't have to have everyone conform to using the same method of packaging software.

repository systems don't solve everything, but they are still useful and there is no reason they need to be considered "non-preferred".

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