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Windows Shock and awe; Windows Vista has been released to the hounds (that would be us). As just about every publication has reiterated a thousand times over it took 5+ years of design and development and cost USD 5.5 billion both directly and indirectly. We were promised (maybe not even promised, but bullshitted) a revolutionary operating system and what we got is for you to determine for yourselves. I personally think it's a disappointment to say the least.
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I wasn't particularly happy with the article either, but that's no reason for me to turn it down. I did try to edit out many of the, um, unfriendly words, but I guess one slipped my mind. Oh well.

OSNews is open for submissions from readers, and this poses a problem: barely anyone can actually write. I am a style junkie, and about 99.9% of the user submitted content would not pass my own standards; however, my standards are way too high (not even my own drivel gets passed my standards). This makes it very hard for me to judge articles , actually.

So yes, I make mistakes. As I always say: if the article is crap, just discuss its subject, but ignore the actual article. Difficult for many, I know.

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