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Windows Shock and awe; Windows Vista has been released to the hounds (that would be us). As just about every publication has reiterated a thousand times over it took 5+ years of design and development and cost USD 5.5 billion both directly and indirectly. We were promised (maybe not even promised, but bullshitted) a revolutionary operating system and what we got is for you to determine for yourselves. I personally think it's a disappointment to say the least.
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"Vista runs fine on 512 megs of RAM."

The same way XP "runs fine" on a 128 MB system??

I was using RTM for a while on my laptop with 1gb, compared to XP it was a painful experience so I can't imagine how one can say it "runs fine" with only half of that available.

If you want to run Vista comfortably you need 2gb of ram in your PC. Period.

PS. I'm talking about running as in using the system AND working with applications, not staring at the desktop.

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