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Mac OS X "Parallels recently made a definitive statement saying that the company won't be making it easy for users to run OS X in a virtual environment anytime soon. The reasoning behind this was because they don't want to put their users at risk of breaking the OS X EULA - unlike Windows Vista, there is no version of OS X that can be run under a virtual machine - and more importantly, they don't want to strain their (currently good) relationship with Apple. As a followup to that statement from Parallels, I was able to also get in touch with Srinivas Krishnamurti, VMWare's Director of Product Management and Market Development in order to get VMWare's official position on the matter. "Apple does not currently allow running Mac OS X in a virtual machine," he said. "Apple is an important partner and VMware respects Apple's intellectual property."
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my prediction
by babaloo on Fri 16th Feb 2007 13:38 UTC
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Howdy folks.
I've been lurking around OSN for years, I've learned a few things about computers and human behavior, had a few chuckles, but never posted a comment, so here goes.

I think that Parallels and VMW are in the know about something coming down the road with the release of Leopard, and are content to sit quiietly until that time.

I would almost be willing to bet a quarter, that you will see some kind of advert from Apple, or Parallels and VMW that says, "a Leopard can change it's spots", and people will be able to buy the virtualisation software and a version of OS X that they can run on their current computers.

All three companies would make tons of money, and I don't think it would affect or jeopardize Apples hardware biz, if anything it might increase sales down the road if users have a good experience with OS X under VM.

Only a prediction, nothing in stone, but wouldn't that be a hoot!

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