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Windows Shock and awe; Windows Vista has been released to the hounds (that would be us). As just about every publication has reiterated a thousand times over it took 5+ years of design and development and cost USD 5.5 billion both directly and indirectly. We were promised (maybe not even promised, but bullshitted) a revolutionary operating system and what we got is for you to determine for yourselves. I personally think it's a disappointment to say the least.
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While it's true that many of drivers are/were still in beta I don't think that was the problem here. My laptop is nowhere near high-end (Turion64 2ghz, 1gb ram, GeForce 7300) but it meets Vista premium requirements and all it's hardware components were auto detected.

Like it or not - Vista with Aero WILL use more ram (eats up about 0.4-0.5gig after bootup) and if you have only 512 it will use your virtual memory quite often after launching even some medium-sized app and having standard stuff in the backgroung (like a music player, IM, that kind of stuff).

Of course you can turn Aero off, cut back on some services to save memory but... what's the point then? When XP runs faster, use less memory and can perform same tasks (were talking about office-type work not playing Crysis in DX 10), hell if you install some theme it WILL look better than Vista without Aero.

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