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Mac OS X "Parallels recently made a definitive statement saying that the company won't be making it easy for users to run OS X in a virtual environment anytime soon. The reasoning behind this was because they don't want to put their users at risk of breaking the OS X EULA - unlike Windows Vista, there is no version of OS X that can be run under a virtual machine - and more importantly, they don't want to strain their (currently good) relationship with Apple. As a followup to that statement from Parallels, I was able to also get in touch with Srinivas Krishnamurti, VMWare's Director of Product Management and Market Development in order to get VMWare's official position on the matter. "Apple does not currently allow running Mac OS X in a virtual machine," he said. "Apple is an important partner and VMware respects Apple's intellectual property."
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No, Steve Jobs did not slam DRM.

He slammed DRM in music. He mentioned that 90%+ of music sales are on CDs and are therefore unprotected, so DRM is doing nothing to protect the studios' music. He also said DRM is an inconvenience to consumers and companies that want to sell music.

He didn't slam OS X. All copies of OS X have protection on them, and OS X is being protected effectively (with a very small group bypassing the restrictions, whereas almost everybody has used P2P or copied tracks off a friend's music player). I don't think it's inconveniencing many consumers, because Apple paint OS X and Macs as one unit, and nobody expects to be able to seperate them. (Compare this to a friend who bought a few tracks from iTMS and then called me up saying "I can't do anything with them!")

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