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OSNews, Generic OSes KolibriOS is an operating system for the PC, written in assembly, which is based on the source code of MenuetOS. It fits on a single floppy. Some of the features are: NTFS read support, AC'97 player, drivers for Fat12/16/32/ISO9660, tcp/ip stack, network applications include ftp/http/mp3 servers, GUI with resolutions up to 1280x1024, 16 million colours, over 150 programs (text editor, paint editor, file managers, games, etc.), and much more.
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RE: Daddy
by BurningShadow on Fri 16th Feb 2007 20:32 UTC in reply to "Daddy"
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"What's a floppy disk?"

Something most people outside USA and Africa stopped using 10 years ago.

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