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Windows reviewed Windows Vista, and concluded: "Overall, my first impressions of Vista, and specifically Vista Ultimate, are quite good. I had few problems moving over hardware and software, other than issues of driver support by manufacturers. This is an extremely annoying issue and I'm sure I'm not alone in my distaste for such lack of driver support. The new Aero interface is gorgeous and is one of the big reasons I have moved over to Vista on my main system. It has it's quirks like anything, but it is a big improvement from WindowsXP. Thus far, I'm impressed."
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Right, there is a potential graphics driver problem, as the driver for the 8800 is quite new to Vista.
However, the graphic driver should not crash Explorer. This is one of Vista's improvement : graphic drivers cannot make the system collaspe.

All in all, I was quite confident in Vista's stability, that's why I installed it on my office workstation. Issues began to arise when I started to make it more productive, and once I had installed all I needed to work, it began to produce the problems mentionned in the videos.

The clip of Media Center doesn't render it as it deserves. It run smoothly (thanks godness) on my PC. The trick is just the final BUG where Vista get confused with the screens and send me the wrong app in foreground ;)

I sincerely hope to see huge improvements in Vista's stability in the months to come, but it is not suitable for CG production, so far.

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