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Privacy, Security, Encryption For consumers looking to boost their computers' security, is Vista the way to go? Or can Linux provide greater protection from hacker attacks? In the face of viruses, worms or other breaches, the answer is obvious. "We don't need a survey or study to determine the answer. The answer is universal with those that actually manage these systems," said John Cherry of the OSDL Desktop Linux Working Group.
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Linux vs Windows
by hackus on Sat 17th Feb 2007 00:23 UTC
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The security person in question, in that referring article isn't much of a security person.

I would like to see him hack my Thin client desktops of specially modified Puppy Linux I built here at work with Compact Flash/Read only file systems.

If he can hack the BIOS, he has got it made.

Good luck with the hunt for that BIOS Password too....

He is way off the Mark, citing the fact Linux needs to have its scripting Checked.

You don't start at the file level to secure workstations, you start at the lowest possible level which is the hardware itself.

I won't go into the fact that OSE principles allow the administrator enough choices, choices the designers of Windows can't even begin to concieve of with Windows.

One of which, is using the source code.

The guy doesn't know Jack.

I know Jack, and he uses open source.

Jill uses Windows.


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