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Windows reviewed Windows Vista, and concluded: "Overall, my first impressions of Vista, and specifically Vista Ultimate, are quite good. I had few problems moving over hardware and software, other than issues of driver support by manufacturers. This is an extremely annoying issue and I'm sure I'm not alone in my distaste for such lack of driver support. The new Aero interface is gorgeous and is one of the big reasons I have moved over to Vista on my main system. It has it's quirks like anything, but it is a big improvement from WindowsXP. Thus far, I'm impressed."
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RE: I'm absolutely shocked!
by iarann on Sat 17th Feb 2007 00:33 UTC in reply to "I'm absolutely shocked!"
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I'll be honest with you. I picked up Vista Ultimate a couple of days after it came out and I like it quite a bit. I mainly use OS X (I installed it on an intel iMac), with Fedora 6 on my laptop for travel, but Vista is definetly in the right direction. The main issue is the video drivers. I have an ATI card, but while functional and without any of the problems I've seen mentioned here, there are some issues. First, and most important, I can't full screen a dos prompt. I am told this is a driver issue and it drives me insance. The other issue is opengl is not optimized at all. Nothing specific really stands out to me on Vista, but all the little improvements together make me prefer it over XP (though not OS X, which I still consider the top dog). Little things like profiles going in c:users instead of c:documents and settings, readyboost, the enchanced speed of of going to sleep and waking up, the improved gui, etc etc. One really nice feature is the Windows Presentation Framework (or whatever its called) allows programs designed for it to resize windows properly. For example, if you resize IE 7 it resizes the page inside to fit that width (something Opera has been doing for a while). This is built into the GUI now, so any program written for it can take advantage, like Times Reader.

There are two things I have seen improve over OS X though, and those are the accesibility features with the zooming in and voice commands. The voice recognition works signifigantly better then Dragon Natural Speaking 8, if the command suite is smaller. My wife helps train people with disabilities and has a client she is helping learn Dragon. It is a joke as far as the recognition goes compared to how well Vista understands you. The zooming feature is almost professional quality software, not quite Zoomtext, but pretty good nonetheless. Both features are a bit better then OS X at this point from what my wife says.

Right now I spend about a quarter of my computer time in Vista to learn it, and I would say it's an improvement. It has its faults, whether it's the drivers or some compatability issues, but it is definetly better then XP. I see a lot of generalization and complaints about video drivers but I'll be honest. The drivers on linux aren't exactly top notch at the moment and have led me to more problems then my Vista ones.

Is Vista better then linux? No, but I wouldn't say it's worse either. It really depends on your needs and what you do. I would definetly recomend an upgrade for people who have the hardware, though if you're a gamer, wait 6 months or untill you buy a computer that comes with it. OpenGL does take a 20-30% hit from what I can tell, and sometimes slows down to a complete halt even with games like Quake1.

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