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Linux "Zero Install is one of the more promising alternatives to native package systems for Linux distributions, such as RPM and Debian's dpkg. Originally developed by Thomas Leonard, who works in the Department of Electronics and Computing at the University of Southampton, it begins with a criticism of existing package systems the difficulties of using them, and is built to provide an answer to the problems raised by the critique. However, like other alternative package systems, it faces the problems of winning acceptance from the major distributions and fine-tuning its features."
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RE[2]: Interesting...
by Tom5 on Sat 17th Feb 2007 08:33 UTC in reply to "RE: Interesting..."
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Klik and 0Install only install "per user", Autopackage can do either, DEBs can only be installed by an Admin though.

The goal is to allow automatic and safe sharing of packages installed by multiple users, as explained here:'>

However, even without this 0install will install system-wide (to /var/cache/ if run as root, and it won't execute any code from the package while doing so (no scripts, etc), so it's no worst than the alternatives.

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