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Amiga & AROS Crisot has made available a new demonstration video (xvid avi mirror1|mirror2 MPEG1 mirror1|mirror2) showing the AmigaOS4-beta implementation of the unique AmigaOS feature, screen dragging. For recent user screenshots of the AmigaOS4 pre-release look here.
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RE: AmiOS dev team
by henrikmk on Mon 22nd Aug 2005 14:57 UTC in reply to "AmiOS dev team"
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What is the size of the team dedicated to Amiga OS and what is the hardware team size?

There are probably around 20-30 people working on the kernel, intuition, graphics, Workbench and core programs and utilities, not counting betatesters.

Hardware is licensed on a per company basis and is separate from OS development. Eyetech delivers AmigaOne hardware right now, while at least one other is in the pipeline, emphasizing on very cheap, small and very low-power PPC systems. Further two more are rumored.

How serious are they really taking it, not seriously enough me thinks if this is the best theyre doing.

Very seriously. The OS has over the past 5 years basically been rewritten from the bottom up. Much care is taken in doing things properly. Many things have been done with AmigaOS4 which was said to be impossible to implement, back when OS4 development started, such as memory protection and built-in 68k emulation. Granted, things are moving rather slowly, but delivery hasn't failed so far.

There is even more stuff awaiting with the SNAP graphics driver system, NOVA (DirectX9 level 3D), most likely a new sound system, a beefed up Workbench plus there are many things we haven't seen yet...

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