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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Some bad blood between Linus Torvalds and GNOME developers is flaring up again. Previously, Torvalds has said that Linux users should switch to KDE instead of GNOME because of the GNOME team's 'users are idiots' mentality. Now he has 'put his money where his mouth is' by submitting patches to GNOME in order to have it behave as he likes. This week, on the Linux Foundation's (formerly OSDL) Desktop Architects mailing list, the two sides are going mano a mano." Can I interest you in a pair of these and these?
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Me, myself and Gnome
by WereCatf on Sat 17th Feb 2007 22:07 UTC
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I don't really get Linus. What good does he really think he is doing? If he doesn't like Gnome, why does he have to start complaining about it? I for example don't like Konqueror but do I whine about it somewhere? Nope. I just use what suites me. Gnome suites me just fine. I tried KDE just recently, but I ditched it because I didn't like it. But Linus thinks I should use KDE anyway, even though I liked the alternative better? No way, not gonna happen. Still, I consider myself kinda power-user, not an idiot. And I don't feel like my DE does treat me like an idiot either.

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