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X11, Window Managers David Reveman writes: "I'd like to get all of you updated on the compiz related things discussed at the X developer conference that was held last week. My talk was mainly focused on 'what's next' and how to get desktop compositing in X to the next level." He also discussed the fork: "I had the chance to talk to Quinn Storm from the beryl project during xdevconf. I would have hoped that the current situation with beryl could be improved but it seems like Quinn at least isn't interested in that. However, after talking to Quinn it's very clear to me that the fork was partially motivated by assumptions that were wrong."
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my thoughts
by REMF on Sat 17th Feb 2007 23:58 UTC
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i use two distro's in my home:
1) SUSE with Compiz on my workstation
2) Sabayon with Beryl on my living room HTPC

The former is my 'work' PC and i need it to be bomb-proof, therefore Compiz is the choice.
The latter is a fun bling-machine so i sacrifice the absolute stability for a pretty desktop with wizzo effects.

In my life, they both have a purpose, so they both get used.
Ideally, I would like to see Compiz with Beryl effects ported over thus providing the holy-grail or bomb-proof bling.

Best of luck to DV in his efforts to get a thoroughly sorted compositing manager into the X tree.

On a different note, i vastly prefer AIGLX to XGL, given that I deliberately buy nVidia cards for their robust nVidia drivers, that and the fact that XGL screwing up OpenGL apps really annoys me.

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