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X11, Window Managers David Reveman writes: "I'd like to get all of you updated on the compiz related things discussed at the X developer conference that was held last week. My talk was mainly focused on 'what's next' and how to get desktop compositing in X to the next level." He also discussed the fork: "I had the chance to talk to Quinn Storm from the beryl project during xdevconf. I would have hoped that the current situation with beryl could be improved but it seems like Quinn at least isn't interested in that. However, after talking to Quinn it's very clear to me that the fork was partially motivated by assumptions that were wrong."
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RE: Beryl deserves its props.
by molnarcs on Sun 18th Feb 2007 02:05 UTC in reply to "Beryl deserves its props."
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developers kept cracking code at break-neck speed (as compared to Other X projects) and it just keeps getting better and better. Dont trust me? then take a look for yourself >> latest svn install of beryl on my HP laptop (opensuse) .

And what was the result, really? Yes, there is more bling, and I like that, but we see a release process that is going nowhere, as beryl devs are frantically importing new stuff from compiz in late RCs. I've seen people downgrading from RC2 to BETA releases, because they were more stable. This is something I've never seen before - software in beta stage usually stabilizes over time. Beta stage means no new functionality, no extensive code changes, just fixing bugs and stabilizing the code. This is especially true in RC stage, and yet, you have an RC2 release that proved to be a regression over RC1 which had regressions for some people over BETA2 - something is not right with the beryl project management right now.

And I mention this as a happy beryl user - luckily, I didn't have problems with beryl since beta2, upgrades worked for me (except window preview plugin, which instantly crashed the wm, and since this occured for almost everyone, it was even disabled in the port temporarily). These are my beryl screenshots:

So I'm not speaking as a disgruntled user, and I can make a video and post it to youtube to show how incredibly fine beryl is, but I don't, because I regularly read beryl-forums, and it is rather incredible what I see there: people experiencing probles that were not there before when going from BETA to RC1 and from RC1 to RC2. The sheer amount of bugs people experience is frightening, and I write this because actually I want Beryl to succeed, but I just don't see where it is heading: it is chaos!

What's more, David has a very good point about licensing - it just seems an absolutely bad decision to change the license so code can only flow in one direction. I wonder why Quinn did that, really. I don't see this post of David as insulting at all, in fact, he urges more cooperation and laments the fact that Quinn apparently does everything in his/her (I'm not sure about the gender here, David uses him while I always assumed a she) power to make that impossible (but the license change is the most obvious and pointless one).

In other words, I'm concerned - this is not an anti-beryl post, I just want things to be better for everyone.

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