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X11, Window Managers David Reveman writes: "I'd like to get all of you updated on the compiz related things discussed at the X developer conference that was held last week. My talk was mainly focused on 'what's next' and how to get desktop compositing in X to the next level." He also discussed the fork: "I had the chance to talk to Quinn Storm from the beryl project during xdevconf. I would have hoped that the current situation with beryl could be improved but it seems like Quinn at least isn't interested in that. However, after talking to Quinn it's very clear to me that the fork was partially motivated by assumptions that were wrong."
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RE[4]: The problem with beryl
by n0xx on Sun 18th Feb 2007 14:05 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: The problem with beryl"
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- it is quicker than compiz

No it's not.

- it is more alive, and you can easily build svn code

Software doesn't live, thank god for that... if programs lived and walked the earth, they would debug us all!!!

Yes, beryl development is apparently more active than compiz's because they sacrifice lots of good software engineering practices and make stupid in order to progress quicker.

Why would anyone even want to run and SVN version beryl?! The release is unstable as it is!.. Is it because the released version is so buggy you try to run the SVN version, hopping to have some critical bugs fixed? whatever... your call, not mine.

- I saw both, and I think beryl is simpler to set up.

No it's not.

How is this:

More confusing then:


I bet you haven't installed compiz in a few months. Check it out. If you follow the tutorial in the first site I've mentioned, remember to install gnome-compiz-manager since gnome-gompiz-manager-extras is not used anymore... And I can't seem to get the authentication key, though it doesn't matter much.

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