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Amiga & AROS Crisot has made available a new demonstration video (xvid avi mirror1|mirror2 MPEG1 mirror1|mirror2) showing the AmigaOS4-beta implementation of the unique AmigaOS feature, screen dragging. For recent user screenshots of the AmigaOS4 pre-release look here.
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RE: moo
by henrikmk on Mon 22nd Aug 2005 16:16 UTC in reply to "moo"
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why DX and not OpenGL?

Nobody said anything about DX. NOVA will have about the same capabilities as DirectX9, e.g. using vertex and pixel shaders. The current implementation is based on a Warp3D compatible MiniGL system.

Is this going to be like Linux crapfest with so many different companies providing bits n bobs bundled ? If so then im definately not interested.

Its still 80s in the Amiga world, time to catch up. 68k emulation, for the life of god please just MOVE ON!

Yes, you really should move on. Why do you keep posting, if you are "definitely NOT interested"?

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