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Windows "What is it with the Windows Vista Firewall and its refusal to go away? All our PCs are secured behind two firewalls: a hardware firewall and Microsoft ISA Server. The only traffic that gets in is the traffic that we want to get in. Now we can appreciate having the firewall on by default; but after turning it off over 20 times, it's getting to be too much."
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I -think- it does, only when you turn it off it sets the service into the "Stopped" state.
The thing is though, its startup type is still set on "Automatic" so when another service/program/whatever wants to use it's functionality it gets restarted automatically. I could be wrong, I don't have Vista installed on any of my computers right now but that's what it seems like.

It's more of a bug than Windows/Bill Gates trying to control your actions I think ;)

Of course, in that case there is something to be said here about quality control at microsoft but then again, no one should be really THAT suprised...

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