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GNU, GPL, Open Source "Is open source still a grassroots social movement made up of idealistic underdogs trying to revolutionize an amoral industry? Or has it become a cloak used by IT vendors large and small to disguise ruthless and self-serving behavior? Some observers argue it's the latter. Despite occasional protests from old-timers - the heated backlash against the Microsoft-Novell détente, for example - open source has become so co-opted by mainstream IT, so transformed by 'accidental open sourcers' simply looking for a better business model, that it's lost its cherished moral edge."
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Oh boy...
by wolfman3k5 on Mon 19th Feb 2007 17:19 UTC
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Just another one of this articles to get people all hyped up, and start a couple of flame wars. People don't really care anymore (for the most part) about software so much, as long as they can do what they need to do with it. For the most part commercial software is better when it comes to quality, and easier to use. After all, in 2007, why would Joe Average put up with Linux when he can have Windows Vista for $119 (OEM) or it comes on his PC, and Office 2007 for $149 (Instead of putting up with OOo)? In the long run, commercial software has become cheaper than Open Source / Free Software. After all, it's free because you can see / change the code, but most of the time you pay for support. and if not that, then isn't the time you put in worth nothing to learn to use some crappy "free" application / OS?
Think about it, think from a common sence perspective, think different. Buy a Mac and be a Fag.

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