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X11, Window Managers Following on from three earlier articles, here are two more articles highlighting usability features of Beryl; the wheel window switcher and the 'wall' for managing virtual desktops. Videos included, so go on, indulge yourself, boys and girls.
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by msundman on Tue 20th Feb 2007 08:39 UTC in reply to "RE"
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> Unless you can provide a patch to fix what you perceive as
> wrong, you have no business calling anyone incompetent.

That must be one of the most stupid things I've read this month. I'm not sure what exactly you mean by "have no business", but obviously it's almost always a lot easier to spot incompetence than to be competent. Also, people who are incompetent but don't know it should be told the truth so that they know to strive for competence.

Why do people think that it's wrong to say that some aspect of something free (gratis) is bad? That the devs aren't monetarily compensated doesn't make the software better in itself, and it certainly doesn't raise them above criticism. Many devs, especially among those working for free, don't do many usability studies, so usability criticism is precisely what they need.

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