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Window Managers What is wrong with KDE 3.x? What is wrong with GNOME 2.8+? These seem to be the two questions arising from the recent revival of Linus vs. GNOME spat. We all know the history; Linus called the GNOME guys 'interface nazis' and advised Linux users to use KDE, which resulted in the longest comment thread on OSNews ever. That kind of fizzled out, only to be brought to light again by Linus submitting a few patches to make GNOME behave more like he wants it to behave.
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RE: another problem
by oxleyn on Tue 20th Feb 2007 12:47 UTC in reply to "another problem"
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For me, MilesTeg hit the nail on the head.

I love having the choice between DE's and often switch between them, especially when a new version has been release. That said I too get a tad frustrated by the development library (if that is the correct term to use) specific nature of apps of KDE/QT and GNOME/GTK as I find one app from one DE will do a better job than the equivalent app from the other DE.

Neither DE is perfect yet but the very fact they are both under constant development can only mean they are striving for their own idea of perfection.

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