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Window Managers What is wrong with KDE 3.x? What is wrong with GNOME 2.8+? These seem to be the two questions arising from the recent revival of Linus vs. GNOME spat. We all know the history; Linus called the GNOME guys 'interface nazis' and advised Linux users to use KDE, which resulted in the longest comment thread on OSNews ever. That kind of fizzled out, only to be brought to light again by Linus submitting a few patches to make GNOME behave more like he wants it to behave.
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RE[2]: I say good for Linus
by falemagn on Tue 20th Feb 2007 14:28 UTC in reply to "RE: I say good for Linus"
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"The windows "registry" is binary, nonstandard and not documented. The GNOME configuration files are standard XML files which are documented within the GNOME project or the respective applications. Furthermore, you may consult the source code."

"Standard XML file" is almost an oxymoron, as XML defines the syntax, certainly not the semantics of the tags used in those files. The fact the "registry" is binary whilst GNOME XML configuration files are textual means nothing positive towards GNOME XML configuration files, as to properly edit either of those you need a purposedly-built editor. And even if you could use your text editor of choice to edit GNOME configuration files, it'd be still way more cumbersome than using regedit on windows.

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