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KDE In the transition from KDE 3 to KDE 4, a new file manager, Dolphin, was often discussed and now officially moved to the base part of KDE. "I just stumbled over this message saying that the file manager Dolphin is now part of kdebase (of KDE 4): 'Moving Dolphin to kdebase, as discussed with Peter and others. The big plan is: Dolphin will become the default file manager (kicker buttons and file:/ links bring it up).' The question remains what now happens with Konqueror - keep in mind that one of the goals of KDE 4 was to only keep one app for each task inside the base packages. But with Dolphin as the potentially new file manager and Webkit as the new browser we may see Konqueror vanish."
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RE: I don't see why
by lindkvis on Tue 20th Feb 2007 16:17 UTC in reply to "I don't see why"
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"What's wrong with Konqueror and what does Dolphin hold over it? I've installed Dolphin a while back and didn't see any advantage."

Konqueror has a messy and confusing interface with a steep learning curve.

It is not only bad for new users, but also bad for experienced users that don't want to spend time fiddling with their computer. Even if the operation or option you want to do is fairly simple, you still need to search for it for ages in order to find it.

Thus, while Konqueror is technically excellent it is a "Jack of all trades", but "master of none" type application that a very small selection of users absolutely adores, while the average user hates it.

And no: the people that post in online discussion forums are not representative for the average user. The average user wouldn't know that they are using an application called 'konqueror' and would just be annoyed that it seems so difficult to do the things they want to do.

Dolphin seems like a good attempt at leveraging the technical excellence of Konqueror in a good user interface.

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