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KDE In the transition from KDE 3 to KDE 4, a new file manager, Dolphin, was often discussed and now officially moved to the base part of KDE. "I just stumbled over this message saying that the file manager Dolphin is now part of kdebase (of KDE 4): 'Moving Dolphin to kdebase, as discussed with Peter and others. The big plan is: Dolphin will become the default file manager (kicker buttons and file:/ links bring it up).' The question remains what now happens with Konqueror - keep in mind that one of the goals of KDE 4 was to only keep one app for each task inside the base packages. But with Dolphin as the potentially new file manager and Webkit as the new browser we may see Konqueror vanish."
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RE[5]: What the hell?
by lindkvis on Wed 21st Feb 2007 09:25 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: What the hell?"
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"I'm sorry, but if you think selecting part of the address and hitting deleting on the last directory is as easy, you are wrong. Now if konqueror adapts the url that Dolphin is to have, and I have seem patches to konqueror, so you can click individual directories that are part of the URL in the location bar, that would be work and would be a great replacement that doesn't remove the same functionality. "

I think you will find that this is EXACTLY what Dolphin offers. Look at the screenshots for the location button bar.

You don't do any selection or deleting, you simply click the button representing the parent directory (or the grand parent, or the great grand parent). It has all the functionality of the UP button with the same amount of clicks, but in addition it allows you to go up more than one directory in one go.

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