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Windows "Microsoft has gone out on a limb to promote Vista not merely as 'the most secure version of Windows ever' (every recent version is marketed with that tired slogan), but for the first time as an adequately secure version of Windows. 'We've got the message and we've done our homework', the company says. So let's see if the reality lives up to the marketing hype."
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I disagree on the separate admin account
by lindkvis on Wed 21st Feb 2007 11:35 UTC
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Because it is simply TOO inconvenient for desktop computers. Mac OS X defaults to combining the major user with the admin and so does Ubuntu Linux. Vista is no different in this respect.

However, OS X and Ubuntu seem SENSIBLE about how often they bother you, unlike UAC.

What UAC essentially does is cry wolf at every single opportunity. So much in fact, that you eventually learn to ignore it or disable it, making it worthless.

UAC f*cked up the balance between convenience and security and Vista's security will suffer for it.

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