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Apple Apple's switch to Intel could lead to a merger that spawns a big power player in the personal computer, home media, and entertainment industries. Apple has already made great advances, so what could they possibly do next that would allow them the potential for yet another large surge of hype, buzz, profit, and success? Intel is already the most dominant chip manufacturer, so what could they possibly do next that would make them bigger, badder, with more diverse profits and services?
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Merger? really now....
by Adurbe on Mon 22nd Aug 2005 19:05 UTC
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If apple was going to merge with a cpu company it might as well have bought moto's cpu arm (now freescale)

They could then have avoided changing to x86 and would have noone to blame but themselfs if the cpus dont keep up.

But then again we all know its easier to blame someone else then to accept it yourself....

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