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Fedora Core The following letter was received from Eric S. Raymond, who has sent it to a number of Linux-related publications and mailing lists. It is presented verbatim. "After thirteen years as a loyal Red Hat and Fedora user, I reached my limit today, when an attempt to upgrade one package pitched me into a four-hour marathon of dependency chasing, at the end of which an attempt to get around a trivial file conflict rendered my system unusable."
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RE: Can happen
by fretinator on Wed 21st Feb 2007 17:39 UTC in reply to "Can happen"
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I don't know what "chivo expiatorio" is, but I would agree that there is a hint of personal agenda in all of this. I do share some of ESR sentiments about Fedora and its instability, but I found myself wondering if something else may have "pushed" ESR in this direction.

Also, feelings aside, I believe Redhat and the Fedora developers to be a great bunch. I hope the whole issue of "dependency hell" can be improved in the RPM world, and yes, even in the Debian world.

However, there may be no quick solution to this, other than not trying to live on the bleeding edge. I remember a long time ago I was complaining about something on my Linux box, and a friend told me, "You've been hanging out at too much!"

He had a point.

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