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Original OSNews Interviews Artificial Intelligence has been at the center of any geek's dream for years. One of the projects that's closer to true AI is Cyc. The open source version of the commercial Cyc product is called OpenCyc and it reached v1.0 status last year. Their mission is to grow both the Cyc & OpenCyc ontology and knowledge base -- even if they are not directly affiliated with Cycorp (the original creators of the Cyc technology). The answers to our mini-interview are provided by project members Mark Baltzegarm, John De Oliveira and Brad Bouldin.
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Natural Language OS
by fretinator on Wed 21st Feb 2007 22:37 UTC
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User: [Clicks the Save icon]

'Puter: Ain't no saving your sorry butt. This reports is so weak it makes my front-side bus cry.

User: Shut up and save!

'Puter: Don't we have a 'tude. Well, BOOM, there goes your report, I'm going to sleep mode now.

[computer screen goes dark]

User: No, No! It's due tomorrow. I take it back. Your processor is awesome. I am blown away by you expansion slots...

[Monitor comes back on]

'Puter: Oh, take it easy, suck up. Your flimsy spreadsheet is safe. Just like to see you squirm, remind you who's boss here.

User: Sigh.

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