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Original OSNews Interviews Artificial Intelligence has been at the center of any geek's dream for years. One of the projects that's closer to true AI is Cyc. The open source version of the commercial Cyc product is called OpenCyc and it reached v1.0 status last year. Their mission is to grow both the Cyc & OpenCyc ontology and knowledge base -- even if they are not directly affiliated with Cycorp (the original creators of the Cyc technology). The answers to our mini-interview are provided by project members Mark Baltzegarm, John De Oliveira and Brad Bouldin.
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RE: Natural Language OS with Security Option
by Doc Pain on Wed 21st Feb 2007 23:13 UTC in reply to "Natural Language OS"
Doc Pain
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Attention: The following post is for entertainment only. :-)

User: I want to create a new user account for my credit card.

'Puter: Uhm... well, let's see if we have enough time... yes, we have. Your next meeting is in 30 minutes. So, what name should we take?

User: John Smith.

'Puter: Is this your name?

User: Yes.

'Puter: Are you sure?

User: Yes!

'Puter: Tell the name again.

User: John Smith.

'Puter: The name is... John Smith. Is this correct?

User: Yes.

'Puter: In a whole sentence, please.

User: Yes, it is.

'Puter: What is it?

User: The name!

'Puter: Which name?

User: John Smith.

'Puter: This is your name.

User: Yes, of course!

'Puter: Now, enter your PIN.

User (enters silently via keyboard): ####

'Puter: Your PIN is (shouts) 1055.

User: Damn! Be silent! My wife is listening!

'Puter (louder): His PIN is 1 0 5 5!!!

User pulls plug and takes wallet with coins.

Would be nice to have a natural language OS to teach people using their native language correctly. Or evem a foreign language. Ever hears a german 50+ man reading english error messages? Quite funny, guessing what he's talking about... largooney, fittoores, permeeson, spaatse, lookartey, peeparleena, boorst, rott, bott carmb, brooser, carfine, gongver, kb3, tooster... :-)

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