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Original OSNews Interviews Artificial Intelligence has been at the center of any geek's dream for years. One of the projects that's closer to true AI is Cyc. The open source version of the commercial Cyc product is called OpenCyc and it reached v1.0 status last year. Their mission is to grow both the Cyc & OpenCyc ontology and knowledge base -- even if they are not directly affiliated with Cycorp (the original creators of the Cyc technology). The answers to our mini-interview are provided by project members Mark Baltzegarm, John De Oliveira and Brad Bouldin.
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Semantic Web won't happen
by project_2501 on Thu 22nd Feb 2007 02:45 UTC
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The semantic web won't happen.

In simple terms, ontologies don't work unless agreed upon between creators of content. And this very constraint is a show-stopper. The task is too laborious.

Its too laborious in the same way it was too laborious to maintain correct directories and indices for web content.

There is a lot of hype around the semantic web but in the many years the w3c has been sponsoring work on it how much has actually convinced people?

The best you can hope for is better analysis of language using grammar background knowledge. And that can yield better search results ... but the killer-apps promoted for the Semantic Web require a perfectly correct onologies agreed between multiple sites - and that will not happen. And even if people say they have agreed - how much does human error and ambiguiy creep in.

There is nothing wrong with AI, informatin retrieval or data mining methods ... there is much work still to be done in these areas... but have a look at any serious research department and you'll find plenty of work in these areas and not much on the semantic web. there was a time when the words "semantic web" were used to get funding....

in summary: there is a place and a need for better analysis of freely formed text, but let's not get drawn to false prophets in a field which certainly raises peoples hopes and emotions!

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