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SuSE, openSUSE "Many changes have gone into the SUSE Linux operating system since version 10.1, including a name change: the entire operating system is now known only as openSUSE. All of those changes appear to have been for the better - openSUSE 10.2 is as great a release as 10 was - but despite the improvements and bug fixes, there are still several underlying problems that prevent openSUSE 10.2 from being competitive with commercial desktop operating systems."
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Not so
by Eudoxus on Thu 22nd Feb 2007 19:14 UTC
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I run open SuSE and I am a bit surprised by some points made in the review. First, in installation. I got a quite a modest hardware (Pentium M 1,4 ghz, 512 ram) and my installation of SuSE took around 45 minutes. Is that unbearably long? Do not agree. I consider it as just psychological problem.
On Konqueror. Well, In fact, by default I use Firefox. But guess what - there are pages that I can open by konqueror only. And thats why this browsre is a must to me.
I moved to SuSE from ubuntu 6.10 and I must say that to configure this to my mind overestimated system I spend twice as more time than to cinfigure my SuSE box. And what is most importand to me - SuSE is rock solid in comparison to Kubuntu. KDE on Kubuntu is really just a piece of crap; KDE on SuSE is a pleasure to work with.
The points about menus are unfair to my mind. I really prefer new SuSE KDE menu to the original KDE menu as I find it more easy to use. I am not that positive about their Gnome menu, however still it seems to me more practical than original Gnome menu. Morever - it seems stupid to complain about the menu as you can get the traditional gnome menu running in 5 seconds.
All in all, I on my part am satisfied with my SuSE experience and would recommend anyone who has used Kubunut to give SuSE a tray. I hope, that you will notice the overall polish of the system. Ubuntu is still very far from that.
And finally - as for live CD there is a live DVD for SuSE. Not to mention that option inthe review seems unfair.

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