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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu My search for "the perfect Linux operating system" this time brings me to the latest incarnation of Ubuntu, version 5.04, also known as the "Hoary Hedgehog Release". Previously I was using Fedora Core 4, however due to some minor bugs it had, I wanted to try something different.
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Pants on fire (RE: Ubuntu)
by massa on Mon 22nd Aug 2005 20:10 UTC in reply to "Ubuntu"
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>> Windows XP and Server 2003 ran snappy and with ease on the same hardware. Why is modern Linux so fat and bloated?

the same hardware being: p2-450 192MB RAM ... I just got one of those here (it's a 900 celeron actually, I pulled out half of its 512MB RAM). XP boot time: 6 minutes. XP performance: sluggish. Time to start Eclipse: 5 minutes. Mind you, these machines (I'm at work) usually run 98SE -- kind of slow, too (we run Delphi and Eclipse). Kubuntu Hoary is snappier in everything (than both 98 and XP, with 256MB memory) EXCEPT Eclipse startup... it loses to 98, but not to XP.

In my laptop (700MHz Crusoe, 384 MB memory) things are similar, except for the fact that it takes loooonger to boot (because of hotplug, I don't know what is exactly the problem... yet)

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