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Debian and its clones Last September, some of the Debian Linux distribution's leadership wanted to make sure that Etch, the next version of Debian, arrived on its December 4th due date. Almost two months later, though, according to the February 17th Release Critical Bug Report memo to the Debian Developers Announcement list, there are still 541 release critical bugs.
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Cutting off nose to spite face...
by cmost on Fri 23rd Feb 2007 17:57 UTC
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Debian is suffering continuing delays partly because of a slowdown by key developers. Many developers are upset that Debian's two release managers are being paid to work full-time to finish Etch. Umm, last time I checked, people have bills to pay and they have to eat! The intentional slow down being orchestrated by these key Debian developers is serving no purpose other than turning off people to Debian. While many distros are flocking to Ubuntu's packages for their core, distributions using pure Debian are beginning to shrink. Meanwhile, the Debian developers continue to play their childish games. I think Debian must have taken a page out of Microsoft's play book. Unfortunately, sometimes it's NOT better to be late than never.

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