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Debian and its clones Last September, some of the Debian Linux distribution's leadership wanted to make sure that Etch, the next version of Debian, arrived on its December 4th due date. Almost two months later, though, according to the February 17th Release Critical Bug Report memo to the Debian Developers Announcement list, there are still 541 release critical bugs.
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You're missing my point -- which is that there's no rational way to prove that the disagreements concerning the Dunc-Tank project would have contributed to the delay of the Etch release. There are other technical reasons that explain the delay well enough. Don't ask me to look up information that either confirms or refutes this because such information just doesn't exist. This is the reason why I think that people should be careful not to spread these unproven allegations like they were actual facts.

As for the post written by those 17 developers who oppose Dunc-Tank -- yes, I've read it, but that post also lacks cold hard facts concerning the actual effects of their protest. AFAIK, there are more than a thousand Debian developers. Why should the opinions of 17 of them weight more than the opinion of the majority of the DD's? With such a large group of volunteers there are inevitably disagreements every now and then. It's not the end of the world, and it's certainly not the end of Debian. ;-)

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