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GTK+ "The primary goal of Project Ridley is to cut down on the number of problem libraries that are part of the GNOME platform. We propose to do this by moving functionality into GTK+, wherever it makes sense. These libraries are generally small, undermaintained, and buggy."
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by unoengborg on Mon 22nd Aug 2005 20:39 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: GNOME vs KDE"
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So basically its exactly like OS X, you won't normally go outside of home, but its not exactly hidden either.

This is not exactly true. Let me give you an example.
In most of the jobs I have had in my life, I have worked together with other people to reach some common goal. That means that I often have needed to share information with my collegues.

In your scenario with users, where users never leave their home folder how is such shared information handled?

If the coworkers trust each other their home folders could be group readable/writable. Another alternative would be to create a project folder somewhere else in the file syatem and let the group members have access to it. In both cases I would need to browse outside my home folder.

The "the user lives inside his home folder truth" is yet another example of Unix think that doesn't correspond well to the real world of users.

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