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Apple "Apple has said that Jobs knew of backdated option grants but "was unaware of the accounting implications", and an internal investigation cleared him of misconduct. Still, according to media reports, he's been questioned by authorities at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and the investigation by federal authorities is ongoing. With such questions still swirling, some wonder about the possible downside of leaning so heavily on one person to drive the company's success - and what the Jobs-friendly board is doing to prepare for the possibility of losing its star pitchman."
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by Priest on Fri 23rd Feb 2007 20:59 UTC in reply to "Beh"
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I don't know that it is really fair to say that Apple just throws on some fancy face plates and funny ads.

People like to compare Apple to all the companies in the PC market as a whole, but if you compare Apple to just Dell or HP their hardware sales and products are significant.

As far as software, Microsoft may be the biggest software company in the world, but Apple releases nearly just as much software, but with lower sales volume.

Apple has OSX, iLife, iWork, iTunes, QuickTime, Final Cut Studio, Aperture, Logic, Shake, and many others. They create and bundle many free applications with OSX, where MS still has basically Paint, Notepad, Solitare, and WMP (yet vista still takes up ~6 gig of disk space).

The iPhone has not even been released yet and most the cell phone manufacturers are already making clones of it. Even the people who don't buy an iPhone gain from competition it created.

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