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IBM IBM is not ready to guarantee that its computer programs are compatible with Oracle's recently launched version of the Linux operating system, an IBM spokesman said on Friday. This means that if IBM software programs turn out to be incompatible with Oracle Enterprise Linux, then it will be up to Oracle - and not IBM - to resolve the issue, said IBM spokesman Matthew McMahon.
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RE: Why
by stephanem on Sat 24th Feb 2007 20:44 UTC in reply to "Why"
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> Why would IBM spend more money with its own Linux when it can get money by just supporting the others ?

But the article is that they are NOT supporting others like Oracle.

- Redhat's too dangerous for IBM - they compete with IBM on Websphere/JBoss/etc

- Oracle's a direct competitor in the dBase space

- Novell's in bed with Microsoft (that after taking 50Mill from IBM)

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