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Microsoft Microsoft surprised many of the attendees at its annual worldwide partner show here this weekend by allowing a third party to present a "hands-on lab" that allowed attendees to play with a range of Linux desktop software. Is Microsoft toning down on its anti-Linux campaign?
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RE[3]: Linux is desktop ready
by netpython on Sun 10th Jul 2005 19:54 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Linux is desktop ready"
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So far it's been my experience (well, I've only installed two SATA only systems) that Windows XP will install on a SATA drive, it only requires the floppy disk if you are using a RAID setup.

Well i don't know what mobo you have.But when installing XP pro (just checked for the fun of it) on my amd64 system after having pressed F6 during the setup.I put in the driver disk i had made on a spare PC and i could install two drivers.One for raid and one nvidia SATA driver.Curious as i'm decided to install nothing at all from the disk at all just to see what happens.Well everything installed just fine but performance was not that great compared with when i had installed both the two drivers for a RAID(0) configuration.Had to change a few settings in CMOS also but that aside.

Great advantage of many Linux distro's indeed is the (most) SATA drivers being included.Not to mention an abundance of audio,analog/digital-tv card,mobo chipset,etc drivers included.That's attractive.No more endless boring sequences of drivers,anti-virus/anti-spyware apps,all the software you need to create your needed working environment, slow windows updates..To be honest,MS more or less confirmed the slow updates,and decided after > *4years* it was time to not letting their customers download the same (control app) data over and over again when they want to update.But download it once and store it locally ready for usage.

Well it's their business,but others haven't fallen asleep in the meantime.Linux and MacOSX have made impressive progress.Sometimes release shedules can't be kept,but in the meantime trying to buy studies or twist the reality in to a continuum that's in favor of your products,because you can't make command pisses me off.

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