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Windows Is Windows Vista really the indispensable upgrade that Microsoft wants you to think it is? ZDNet's Kingsley-Hughes says: "Having been using Vista for over 18 months I believe that it's a huge improvement over XP and even though I still use XP I find that I miss many of the features that Vista offers. However, I wouldn't call any of the changes earth-shattering." My take: That is about the most sensible Vista-related conclusion I have read so far.
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I'd call Mac OS X a step back for the Macintosh system; it gained nothing but memory errors in ripping off BSD, and lost its unique advantage as the best alternative to Windows for those users who cannot use open-source software. (Now the best non-Windows closed-source OS is SkyOS, which you can't use for normal everyday tasks without dumping lots of open-source shovelware into it, which is probably just what Microsoft wanted.)

I think the major 'earth-shattering' improvements to the Macintosh OS family were System 6, when Multifinder was included and turned it into a multitasking operating system, and System 9, when it gained Software Update.

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