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BSD and Darwin derivatives Apparently, Matt Dillion has decided to roll his own filesystem for DragonFly. "Here is my initial outline of the filesystem design. It is open for discussion. Please feel to ask questions for anything you do not understand. I do not intend to start coding anything for at least two weeks. There are currently two rough spots in the design. First, how to handle segment overflows in a multi-master environment. Such overflows can occur when the individual masters or slaves have different historical data retention policies. Second, where to store the regeneratable indexes."
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posters are misunderstanding the need
by project_2501 on Sun 25th Feb 2007 03:34 UTC
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previous posters who are asking why existing filesystems are not being used .. are missing the point. the existing filesystems don't meet the specific requirements and that is why a new filesystem is being considered.

one such specific feature, for example, is the multi-master operation. read the linked page for more.

the aims are noble. and the most difficult parts of doing a clustered OS is the data/state - hence the filesystem/memory is going to need attention - and likely overhaul.

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