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Mono Project Windows developers can now port Visual Basic applications to Linux without modifying their code, using an open source project backed by Novell. The Mono project has built a compiler that lets developers code using Visual Basic inside Visual Studio or other preferred tools environments and run the Visual Basic code on non-Windows platforms without the time and cost of modification.
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VB Apps=Big Mistake
by hackus on Sun 25th Feb 2007 05:06 UTC
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I think this is a mistake.

In fact, I think the Mono thing is a huge mongo mistake for the open source community.

Microsoft is buying its time, and waiting too see how infested "mono" becomes in distributions world wide.

It has the plan, and the corporate precedent with its deal with Novell, to enforce its intellectual property rights.

It also has a War chest the size of most small third world countries total GNP.

This is a very fool hardy endeavor using that sort of software API in the patent and copyright climate here in the USA and its all going to blow up in everyones faces.

Stay away from Mono, especially if you are developing applications in the United States for Linux or its colonies like Austrailia or Japan.

Stay away from Novell and anything that has a Ximian logo on it.

Stay away at least until Microsoft's war chest is down to a manageable size or the patent/intellectual property laws are changed in the USA.

Please do reward companies like SUN that export technology to assist their business customers by open sourcing the products and change the value of I.T. from software licenses/patents to people and community business relationships.


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