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FreeBSD It's been a long road to recovery, but after years of mediocre releases, and months of delays in the development process, FreeBSD is finally back on its feet with 6.2-RELEASE. Though it is an excellent operating system, even this latest version offers few or no competitive advantages over Solaris or the other BSDs in a server role, and can never hope to compete with commercial GNU/Linux distributions for desktop computers. FreeBSD 6.2 is what FreeBSD 5.0 needed to be, and for those who have already switched to other operating systems, there are few or no compelling reasons to go back. More here.
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Well, on the same basis, one could argue that Linux is dying.

Of course it ain't true for Linux, and even less for FreeBSD. This is just to show that a Google Trends link is a very poor way of substantiating an argument. ;)

> Could some FreeBSD zealot please try to prove this statement wrong?

Then I'll let some FreeBSD "zealot" answer. I'm just a FreeBSD (happy) *user*, who doesn't think rebutting reviews that are patently clueless is a smart way of spending one's time.

> Is there a single feature where FreeBSD is actually better than Linux or Solaris?

A single feature? Nope, I'd say there are quite a few.
The most compelling? To me, definitely FreeBSD Ports.

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