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FreeBSD It's been a long road to recovery, but after years of mediocre releases, and months of delays in the development process, FreeBSD is finally back on its feet with 6.2-RELEASE. Though it is an excellent operating system, even this latest version offers few or no competitive advantages over Solaris or the other BSDs in a server role, and can never hope to compete with commercial GNU/Linux distributions for desktop computers. FreeBSD 6.2 is what FreeBSD 5.0 needed to be, and for those who have already switched to other operating systems, there are few or no compelling reasons to go back. More here.
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That`s the problem with linux- it compete with everything instead of concentrating effort one system that "just works" TM.

I don't think linux wants to compete with everything. Linux is used and provided by so many different groups, from handheld to superserver, from desktop to several kind of servers. There are so many organizations actively involved in developing kernel, and tailoring userland to provide different kind of uses.

I think that is an advantage than problem. Because we have opensource kernel and userland to be used instead of only proprietary kernel and userland. If freebsd can also be utilized like linux, that also good news.

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