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FreeBSD It's been a long road to recovery, but after years of mediocre releases, and months of delays in the development process, FreeBSD is finally back on its feet with 6.2-RELEASE. Though it is an excellent operating system, even this latest version offers few or no competitive advantages over Solaris or the other BSDs in a server role, and can never hope to compete with commercial GNU/Linux distributions for desktop computers. FreeBSD 6.2 is what FreeBSD 5.0 needed to be, and for those who have already switched to other operating systems, there are few or no compelling reasons to go back. More here.
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RE: Reply to _DoubleThink_
by macisaac on Sun 25th Feb 2007 16:35 UTC in reply to "Reply to _DoubleThink_"
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"6. FreeBSD community is much more civilized, in general. They don't require one to agree with them. Newcomers are treated with more respect. "

do you jest?... go to one of the regular irc channels for fbsd help and see what you get. I asked a question once, not a stupid one, about something to do with FBSD (which I was running or attempting to run at the time). I got told to f*ck off by one of the (I'm guessing) regulars and was promptly kicked off the channel by an admin.

and that's friendly? yeah, I know, every software community seems to have examples of the above (and no, not every fbsd channel is like that), but in general, the BSDs seem to attract a disproportionate share of the elitists and "everyone else sucks, but especially Linux users" type folk.

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