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Debian and its clones Last September, some of the Debian Linux distribution's leadership wanted to make sure that Etch, the next version of Debian, arrived on its December 4th due date. Almost two months later, though, according to the February 17th Release Critical Bug Report memo to the Debian Developers Announcement list, there are still 541 release critical bugs.
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RE[2]: I love Debian, BUT:
by dsmogor on Sun 25th Feb 2007 20:52 UTC in reply to "RE: I love Debian, BUT:"
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>People like Ubuntu, Linspire, Mepis produce friendlier >implementations of the abstrace Debian System. This does >not in any way detract from Debian, it is rather a >testament to its usefulness.

True, but none of them makes use of the enormous work of stabizing the codebase as none of them is based on stable. Most of that work goes to waste as serious users have to seek for updated versions of their target software voiding any testing and integrations effort debian developers did.
Maybe debian should just ditch stable alltogether.

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