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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "A current mania is to exile yourself for a certain period of time into the rival desktop environment, to see how bad (or not) you would feel: a KDE fan would use GNOME, while a GNOME guy would use KDE. I have undertaken the challenge myself, and it wasn't bad at all." More here. Additionally, a Gnome panel apps review.
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I took this challenge
by gregk on Sun 25th Feb 2007 22:46 UTC
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I did this myself as a KDE user. I tried to use GNOME for 10 days. I spent way too much time trying how to figure out how to do things. Apparently the super-intuitive way the GNOME is supposed to work wasn't intuitive enough for me. Simple things like showing hidden files in the open/save dialogue (I know, right-click, but how about a tickbox or some other visual cue) and how to get a file tree in Nautilus (yes, a setting in the control panel, why can't it just be an option in the menu where it makes sense to quickly look for it when you are in Nautilus) The point is there are no visual cues to discover these simple things.

It got so bad I quit in three days out of frustration because I had some work to do. To be fair, I probably should try again when I don't have so much to accomplish. I thought having things to do would force me to "use" GNOME. I guess I should do the opposite, try when I have time to play around a bit.

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